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Thanks to the creators of the tools I used to build this blog

Open-source projects are the basis of this blog

Python is the foundation of this blog; the custom content management and reference management systems used here was written in Python. The content itself was also generated in largely with Python &mdash the plots in this blog were initially generated with Matplotlib and the SciPy stack. They were finalized in Inkscape. In some cases GIMP was used to edit figures as well.

The color maps used in these figures were primarily the work of Nathaniel Smith and Stéfan van der Walt. Viridis is the name of perceptually-uniform green-blue-yellow map which is most common on this blog. It is also the Matplotlib default.

Most of these articles were originally drafted in LaTeX, the document management software ubiquitous in science and engineering in academia. LaTeX is primarily known for rendering equations and managing references. The equations on the blog are rendered in MathJax, a javascript application which produces SVG images from LaTeX equations.

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