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Simple low-cost weight lifting bench

Photo credit to Alora Griffiths

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This is a simple project but it saved me some money. My weight equipment is outside so there is no reason to invest in a pad which the weather will destroy. This bench was built out of 2" 11 gauge tubing welded with 3/32 6013 rods. The pressure-treated 2x12 top is attached with 1/4"x3" lag screws which come up from the underside. When stick-welding thin steel, 6013 rods work best for me because they can be run electrode-negative. Running electrode-negative increases the rate of deposition of the filler metal and reduces the odds of burning a hole through the work piece. In the past, I used 1/16" 7018 rods but they produced a narrower bead and the flex in the 1/16" rod makes them too hard to control. I do not yet have a MIG or TIG machine. The bolts on the bottom are for leveling the bench on slightly uneven concrete. All in this bench costs about $30 to build if you buy seconds from the steel yard and spend an extra 20 minutes grinding the rust off. The most inexpensive benches available are about $100 and those are far less sturdy.

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