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To the extent I am capable, everything written on this blog is 100% accurate. In the unfortunate event I have made an error, please let me know and I will either correct it or attempt to modify my inadequate explanations.

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If you believe there is a topic that would fit well on this blog which I have not addressed, I am happy to consider it. I am interested in finding quantitative solutions to household problems through the application of engineering principles and clear thinking. As all engineering problems are, these are bounded by financial restrictions and so the blog focuses heavily on personal finance. Future problems I will be interested in addressing will be similar.

I have written approximately 50 articles which are scheduled to be released on a weekly basis. These cover housing and utilities, drugs and pharmacokinetics, investing and the history of the US stock market, and accounting. I have articles planned (but unwritten) to cover cooking at scale, wok cooking, tracking gas mileage, cheesecakes and heat transfer, crockpots and pressure cookers, a bicycle ownership case study, a car ownership cas study, and a net present value analysis of college.

Hire me to analyze your financial situation

If you would like me to go through your situation with a fine-tooth comb, please email me. I will do this for a considerable discount for the opportunity to use your situation and our conversations as a blog entry with your data completely de-identified. Email me for more details.

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