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domestic: related to the running of a home

engineering: the application of scientific principles to design and build things of value

Welcome to the beta-test version domestic-engineering.com, a blog about applying engineering principles to household management problems. On this blog, whenever there is a trade off between the complete and correct answer to a problem and a simplified answer, I will present the most complete and most correct explanation. If this means 5 pages of ordinary differential equations and graphs to properly explain how loans work, so be it.

The site went live in late June 2019 and its format is still a work in progress. The content will hopefully continue to be a work in progress for many years to come.

Where to begin

Consider starting with the introduction article:

2019-06-01 in About

Why we should think carefully about money and engineering

Or if you struggle with reading technical material:

2019-06-24 in About

How to read technical, math heavy, material

And then browse by topic above or check out the most general useful articles:

2019-06-07 in Financial independence and investing

Saving time until financial independence has a simple closed-form solution

2019-06-06 in Loans

You do not need calculus to use the loan equations

2019-06-12 in Accounting

The fundamental theory of accounting - money is a conserved quantity

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